Saturday, January 26, 2013

Overflowing Words...

So, this week's IF word is 'ocean'. The first thought that hit me when linking this word to my theme was "the endless flow of knowledge" acquired by reading.

After researching, I made a list of the five words on which this piece will be based:


Taking these five words, I started building layers of text using tracing paper, in order to get the 'depth of the ocean'.

Work in progress

The second layer:

Work in progress

And another layer:

Work in progress

And yet another one:

Work in progress

When I was finally satisfied with the density of the text, I added the final graphic layer; depicting a doorway to the vast ocean of words.

Work in progress

And there I had my first draft; the template to my piece.

Next comes the digital process, created in Photoshop CS5.

Allow me to take you through the stages:
Firstly, I created the ocean background by first laying down a solid blue layer, and the topping it with a blue-to-black gradient. I then started adding the type, starting with a small size. You will also notice that some of the words have been given an outer glow to create a 'plankton' effect.


I then added the second layer of text, slightly increasing on the size and the glow as well.


And then the third layer of text, again increasing the size, but removing the glow completely this time.


The fourth layer of text, with the glow and the upsize of text size.


The final and largest type size layer, without the glow. I've also overlapped the layers regardless of their size to add depth.


Next comes the glass panel wall, usng some simple layer effects such as bevel and emboss. The door area has been cut out of the wall one.


Then comes the door layer I've cut, with hinges and a knob, created also using layer effects. I've also distorted a bit so that it appears slightly opened.


Next comes yet another word layer, this time created to show the words flowing out the door; jammed between it and the wall. No glow effect has been applied here.


Then in comes a small stream of water, again between the door and wall layers, to depict the 'overflow'. Opacity was dialled down, liquify filter applied and a custom-made 'droplets' brush used.


Finally, another custom-made brush which depicts bubbles, was used on various layers to add a 'sinking' effect to the type.


I hope you enjoyed this piece of work! Please feel free to comment, and stay tuned for this week's 'IF' word: 'wings'!